JULY 2-5, 2016



Praise the Lord!  Catholicfest began in 2012 to celebrate our 10-year anniversary of Catholic Youth Expeditions.  It was so much fun, we decided to keep it around!  Our mission was inspired by JP2’s Letter to Artists, and it is:  To celebrate the good, true and beautiful through music, film, literature, and art.  At Catholicfest you can directly intersect and interact with Catholic artists whose craft is engaging our culture with a new method, ardor and expression.  Held in beautiful Door County, WI, Catholicfest is on the shore of Kangaroo Lake and is THE PLACE to engage the arts!

Come and join the celebration! Come with a friend or bring the whole family!  It’s big fiesta because of the gift of being Catholic and the joy found in Christ Jesus!

Throughout this four-day event there will be Mass, concerts, formation talks, perpetual adoration, quality family time (free-range kids!), and lots more! We invite you to come, park a camper or pitch a tent, and spend time recharging in Catholic Christian community. Hope to see you there!

Now and Forever!


Fr. Quentin A. Mann–Founder