Dostoevsky, a Russian writer, once wrote, "Beauty will save the world."  To engage culture through beautiful works of music, art, literature and film, we can truly encounter the personal love God has for each one us.  Catholic FEST is a venue located in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin on the shores of Kangaroo Lake where faith and nature go hand-in-hand.   With families, young adults and high school students all converging at Catholic Youth Expedition's 7.2 acre property, there is a Spirit that draws us closer to one another and God.  It is a simple celebration of goodness, truth and beauty found in worship, solidarity, leisure and entertainment. Take the time to slow down this 4th of July weekend and decide to do something unconventional, spontaneous and free--come to Catholic FEST!


Each particular Church should encourage the use of the arts in evangelization, building on the treasures of the past but also drawing upon the wide variety of contemporary expressions so as to transmit the faith in a new ‘language of parables’. We must be bold enough to discover new signs and new symbols, new flesh to embody and communicate the word, and different forms of beauty which are valued in different cultural settings, including those unconventional modes of beauty which may mean little to the evangelizers, yet prove particularly attractive for others ( Evangelii Gaudium, 167).